• Honda Press Release Model Year 2001

    Introduced in 1999, Honda’s majestic XL1000V Varadero has won fast friends with its bold look of ‘go-anywhere’ excitement, which conjures up images of long voyages to the far reaches of the continent and beyond. Powered by Honda’s latest liquid-cooled 1000cc DOHC 8-valve V-twin engine to deliver a dynamic surge of acceleration across
    its wide powerband, the Varadero combines such advanced features as a cantilever-style ‘Pivotless’ frame design, Honda’s advanced Dual Combined Brake System for enhanced operating ease, and the long-range high-speed cruising comfort afforded by its large front fairing and broad, compliant seat for an exhilarating dose of riding and touring enjoyment beyond equal.

    For the year 2001, the Varadero receives some detailed suspension refinements and the addition of a new anti-theft security system that ensure it maintains its leading
    combination of performance and technology—and unique appeal— well into the future.
    For 2001, the Varadero receives a brighter new silver colour on its fuel tank that more sharply highlights the colours of its fairing and tail cowl. Its three attractive colour variations include a new metallic blue that sparkles like a Mediterranean
    summer sky to accentuate the Varadero’s bold individuality. Carried over from the previous year are a lively candy red that shimmers in the sunlight to brighten any city scene, and a purposeful pearlescent black that exudes a high-class charm
    wherever it’s seen. The Varadero’s matte black resin upper front fairing cowl, front fender and sidecovers remain unchanged from its first introduction, and combine
    to provide a solid stylistic base for the side and tail cowls’ broad patches of colour.

    • Moody Blue Metallic
    • Candy Glory Red
    • Pearl Prism Black

    Other New Features
    • Fuel tank colour changed to lighter Accurate Silver Metallic.
    • New colour variation.

    Refined Pro-Link Rear Suspension
    The Varadero’s progressive Pro-Link rear suspension system is designed to provide a long and comfortable range of rear wheel travel to meet the needs of virtually all riding conditions. In their search for components or designs that could benefit from
    improvement, the Varadero’s design team focused on the possibility of the rear suspension reaching the end of its travel too quickly if encountering a sharp bump while heavily loaded. To doubly ensure that the rear suspension could stand up well to such extremes, the team refined the damping characteristics of the system’s
    rear damper with a change in the damper holes of the piston valve.

    New Honda Ignition Security System (H.I.S.S.)
    Always aware of the ever-present danger of motorcycle theft, Honda has made concerted efforts over the years to include features in its motorcycles that help its customers protect their investments. These features have included convenient spaces for carrying strong ‘U’-locks and chains, strong and conveniently positioned
    lock-down points provided in frames and bodywork, and even a mechanical lever located under a scooter’s seat to lock its centrestand in the down position. One of Honda’s most recent innovations in the fight against motorcycle theft—and included this year for the first time on the new 2001 Varadero —is the Honda Ignition Security
    System, or H.I.S.S. for short. This advanced anti-theft ignition system features a special electronic interlock that prevents the engine from being started by any other key than the two originally supplied with the motorcycle, each of which features
    a special coded chip implanted in its plastic grip. When the coil antenna built into the
    ring surrounding the upper edge of the key switch detects the presence of an encoded key, it transmits the key’s unique code number to the ignition system’s electronic control unit (ECU), which instantly checks the number against either of the two codes it is programmed to recognise. If the code matches, as indicated by the lighting of a corresponding green LED built into the face of the tachometer, the engine can be started normally. However, if the key code does not match the ECU’s programmed code number, even if the key is otherwise identical and turns the switch, the ignition remains disabled and the engine cannot be started. Since the
    engine is disabled at the heart of its ignition system, it cannot be bypassed by either hot-wiring the ignition or exchanging the ignition switch module.
    While the Varadero’s anti-theft ignition system cannot protect the motorcycle against every possibility of theft, it does effectively prevent the motorcycle from being ridden
    away—one of the most common occurrences— thus making it more difficult and time-consuming to attempt to steal. A bright yellow diamond-shaped H.I.S.S. sticker placed on top of the Varadero’s bright silver fuel tank clearly indicates to potential thieves the presence of this highly effective new system, and hopefully convinces
    them to look elsewhere.
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