• Honda Press Release Model Year 2004

    Honda’s class-leading Adventure Touring flagship, the mighty and majestic Varadero, brings a whole wide world of new riding frontiers within easy reach for the most far-ranging blend of motorcycling enjoyment you’ve ever had the pleasure to experience. Powered by a slim, high-performance fuel-injected 1000cc V-twin engine and ruggedly outfitted for long-distance expeditions over virtually any road one might encounter, the Varadero feels just as strong and confident sailing down the motorways as it is exploring less travelled backroads in your search for new adventures. Its broad, windbreaking front fairing, progressive long-travel suspension and comprehensive accommodations for two ensure exceptional riding comfort, and the Varadero’s easily attached optional luggage system makes longer trips as easy to prepare for as pack, snap on and go.
    New for 2004, the Varadero also comes available in a new ABS-equipped version that complements the responsive braking capability of Honda’s famed Dual Combined Brake System with the confident control of the world’s most advanced motorcycle
    Antilock Brake System for smooth and swiftly effective braking control in virtually any
    road and riding conditions, and a much-appreciated boost in operating confidence when roads turn nasty.

    • Black
    • Shield Silver Metallic (with Black)
    • Pearl Breezy Blue (with Black)

    New Features
    • New ABS version incorporates same basic features as standard version.
    • New ABS version’s system configuration basically same as that featured on the VFR ABS.
    System uses two ABS modulators, the front one located inside the front cowl and the rear one positioned under the rider’s seat, near the rear damper preload adjuster.
    Additional equipment includes ABS sensors and Hall effect pulsar rings on the wheels, a new right sidecover design, and a new ABS failure warning light installed in the
    redesigned instrument panel.
    • New ABS version’s rear damper features adjustable rebound damping.
    • Rear damper preload adjuster moved from inside of right side cover to left side.
    • New right side cover features matte black panel covering access hole (ABS version only).
    • New arrangement of indicator lights on instrument panel features two sets of four
    LEDs, replacing two sets of three lights. Low fuel warning light moved up to left-side
    group from current position inside tachometer dial. All other design features remain the same as the current model.
    • New color variations.
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